Welcome to my digital playground!

Why should I (Arnoud) dive in this big puzzle of programming?

Because HTML, PHP, CSS and JAVASCRIPT programming is just a small hobby of mine and I wanted to create an entire website myself without using any CMS. Some of my other hobbies are sailing, traveling, skiing, cooking, brainstorming with friends about entrepreneurship, hockey, soccer, running and some other stuff.

But why this hobby? The increasing popularity of the e-commerce generates a huge new market for business. So the future entrepreneur inside of me wanted to get to know more about developing a website, keeping in mind to start my own business one day. It makes me curious how it works and what you can achieve with it, so I decided to start with this digital enigma. On this website you will find all kinds of different stuff which got my interest or somehow find it necessary to share it with you, mind that this my digital playground and some of the projects are still under developing. If you have any questions regarding these, please contact me by using the form.

Here's a little explanation about most of the content on the website:

New: File cloud/dump
Since it was easy to have a place which allows me to share my files with you, I created a page to dump my files so you can download them. Page can be found overhere!

Sweden 2011: Increase productivity in Stockholm
To finish my study, I was in Stockholm to complete an internship. If you are curious what things happened in Stockholm, take a look at the pictures and read the blog HERE.

Italy 2010: Project management in Italy
To finish my electrical engineering study, I was in Italy to fulfill an internship. If you are curious what things happened in Italy, you can get a small impression by watching the pictures over HERE. (btw. most are leisure pictures) Curious to the project behind it, contact me at infoATardejongDOTnl or by using the the contact form.

Pictures: mostly holiday pictures..
Besides some holiday, also lots of random pictures of events I just wanted to share with you because I liked them.

Take a look around and thanks for visiting my website

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